Corporate Training

The organization Fortunes East Africa led by Edwin Musiime specializes on executive corporate training including: Simplified Strategic Planning, The Hands-off Manager skills training, Executive eMarketing training, Effective sales delivery and management training, Executive public speaking and presentation skills training, High Impact Team Building, Top Image, dressing and etiquette,Professional Writing Skills, Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator, Reinventing Yourself, Professional writing skills, Diligent Interviewing skills training, The WOW! Customer service excellence training among others.

Traditionally; it’s being said that some people are born with ability to deliver. There’s a view that certain human beings are simply destined by their genetic makeup, to take responsibility and point the way for others. That’s one way of looking at it.

But another view says; achievers aren’t born, they are made. It’s not in the genes. It’s the experience and in training. This suggests that anybody can be an achiever if he or she gets the necessary preparation, training and exposure.

A person may be in the back of the line today, but with the right kind of attitude, knowledge, skills and experience, the same person can be out in front of the pack tomorrow.

Musiime as a Transformational and Empowering leader; focuses on Elevating skills, Knowledge and Financial well-being of humanity.


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