Radical, inspiring, prophetic, innovative, outspoken, anointed, and cutting-edge are some of the ways that Pastor Edwin Musiime has been described. He is the founder of Hillrock church and Team Leader of Kingdom Fellowship Connect a hugely growing market pace fellowship.

Hillrock church is a ministry focused on lifting believers’ spirituality, developing them and strengthening them for influencing and establishing Gods kingdom on earth.

Musiime believes that the entire individuals should be empowered in every aspect of life. He has launched KFC fellowship to empower believers for influencing in the market place with the mission scripture of Luke 19:13- ‘Occupy Till I come’ as the profound words from the greatest leader there has been Jesus Christ.

He is also an established Entrepreneur presiding as CEO & Chairman Crest Group a Pan African investment firm with interests in Media, Real Estate, Fashion, Education and Agriculture.

Economically, he mentors and teaches individuals to be creditworthy by having a clean credit record, investing, innovating and harnessing form their great creative abilities.

The core of KFC Fellowship is to empower today’s believer for influence and ownership. This is influence is greatly emphasized for the 7 mounts of influence which are; Media, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Politics, family and Faith.  

Bryant is a loyal pastor with a global mission, to empower the world through the word. He has for the last 12 years touched lives with a broadcast Christian voice that impacted thousands of lives. The rock magazine that is now rebranding to The son magazine equally continues to give meaning to numerous lives.

Through the Kingdom Life agenda, Musiime inspires millions around the world to understand that it’s got to be the Kingdom way. That we have got to live lives that reflect his kingdom coming down on earth and him influencing through us daily.


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